Friday, January 6, 2012

One Shots!

So I'm not a creative poster, BUT I shall sum it up for you. One-shots are, again typically 15-60 page manga that is a try-out of an idea to be serialized. Mangakas use them to test out new stories. I'vegot a few links for you of my favorite one-shots as well as a link to an anime one-shot my makoto shinkai, an EXCELLENT mangaka/director. He has quite a few one-shot movies but this is one of my favorites!
Voices of a Distant Star:
Kokoro Rental(Soul/Heart Rental):
Twelve O'clock Bell Rings:
So those are a few of my favorites, go look up some, they're all different and interesting even if they aren't serialized. Also, I don't have a link to it now, but Train Man is such a good classic, it's sweet and funny!
Any ways, that's my shpiel! Have fun with the typical style one-shots!


  1. Pssst, Paula, you need to make the URLs links! XD

  2. we can do whatever we want for the oneshots?